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Relationships: The Teeter Totter of Conflict Resolution


A balanced relationship uses power in constructive and meaningful ways to resolve conflict and to enhance the relationship through self-respect and respect of others. In this video, we help people recognize when relationship issues are present and, if relationship conflict is preventing agreement, suggest approaches to bring back balance and help the individuals come to a settlement.

Conflict Resolution for Special Education


This presentation discusses conflict resolution for special education. Effective conflict resolution at the school site level has a better chance of preserving and improving relationships between parents, students and staff, and reducing the cost and waste of resources currently expended on due process and other litigation.

Conflict Resolution 



This brief video offers a unique approach to understanding conflict resolution. We demonstrate the value of dealing with conflict through uncovering interests, promoting effective communication and developing a durable and meaningful agreement.

The following videos provide a unique approach to understanding conflict resolution.  For full screen viewing, click on the YouTube link located on the lower right-hand side of each video.

Managing the Cost of Disputes for Small Business


This video discusses the typical disputes encountered by small businesses. We look at methods available to manage these disputes, and focus on why conflict resolution is often underutilized by small businesses. We also offer suggestions on how small businesses can implement plans to reduce and manage the costs of disputes.

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