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About CRLS

For over 10 years, Alena Balestreri has worked as a manager in customer service and finance industries. As a problem solver and communication facilitator, she partners with clients to gain an understanding of their needs in an effort to resolve conflicts and foster constructive relationships.


Alena has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Alena’s experience and education helps her understand that business succeeds when parties satisfy their interests and achieve their objectives. When disagreement or conflict occurs it is important that the parties are able to understand each other’s interests and concerns so they can then begin to move forward towards reaching a mutually agreeable goal. 


In addition to her professional pursuits, Alena has served as a volunteer liaison in her community with civic groups such as the Sacramento Boys and Girls Club and local elementary schools. She participated in the 2011 Catalyst Leadership Program, offered by the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce. This program involved an intensive, hands-on,

9-month structured leadership development

program for business professionals.

Martin Fine
Alena Balestreri

Conflict Resolution is the process of working through perceived differences and disagreements. Conflict Resolution & Legal Services (CRLS)     was established in 1995 with the goal of achieving clear, practical and durable agreements for private and public sector clients. Members of

CRLS come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. They possess in-depth and practical training and experience in business, education    

and the law. 



In 1995 Martin Fine formed Conflict Resolution and Legal Services (CRLS), a private conflict resolution service.  As an attorney, counselor and mediator Martin has over thirty- five years’ experience helping people resolve conflict.


Martin received mediation certifications from Harvard Law School, Harvard Mediation Program and the Mediation Center in Eugene Oregon. He was an Associate of Common Ground, Center for Collaborative Solutions with the University of California at Davis Law School, and served on its Advisory Board in developing their Conflict Resolution Certificate Program.  Martin has been an Adjunct Professor for the University of San Francisco and California State University at Sacramento instructing in Law and Ethics, Family Law and Education Law.  In addition to his law degree Martin has a graduate degree in counseling.


Since 1993 Martin has held the position of chief legal officer for large and small public and private organizations. Over his career Martin has represented counties, businesses, districts and schools. Martin has a breadth of experience in many areas of the law including: contracts, land use, real estate, litigation, administrative law, employment law, labor law, government law, education law and dispute resolution.


A natural outcrop of this training and experience is the

understanding that relationships play a significant role in legal and interpersonal conflicts.  As a result, Martin has a keen interest in and aptitude for dispute resolution. He has developed conflict resolution programs and trainings and successfully mediated numerous individual, complex agency and business disputes.



"Mr. Fine has a common sense approach and an uncanny ability, handling complex legal matters in a very professional but understandable way. Martin used his excellent mediation skills to guide a number of personnel matters, complicated land use issues, and litigations to satisfactory resolutions that saved Alpine County a considerable amount in court expenses. The communication skills that Martin possesses enable him to clearly state legal positions while allowing the public to clearly understand the meaning of the issues.

I would highly recommend use of Martin’s skills as a mediator and his conflict resolution skills to anybody needing these services."

H. C. “Skip” Veatch, Retired Alpine County Sheriff and Supervisor

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