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CRLS has experience evaluating personnel systems and conducting risk management assessment to improve conflict management methods and policies.

Examples of our Conflict Diagnosis and Assessment Services:

  • School District Governing Board Consensus - This program involved the board members, superintendent and cabinet. The governing board for several years had been divided over issues of the District’s reorganization and allegations of employment discrimination. The former superintendent and cabinet had been terminated or resigned with an ensuing onslaught of lawsuits. The first phase involved an assessment of the issues and the degree to which the divergent parties could agree on issues central to the district’s educational mission.

  • Sexual Harassment Assessment and Mediation - This involved a long-term conflict in a private agency between a male and a female employee that affected the entire agency.  CRLS mediated the conflict, assessed the agency's policies, procedures and handling of the dispute and made recommendations.  CRLS also conducted group facilitation with the agency officials and staff, which included discrimination and harassment training and improved policies and procedures. The project took two months, involved approximately sixty persons and included staff, board and community participants

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