When we prepare for a tense conversation, we often practice the things we want to say. We organize our arguments, strategize about our approach, and sometimes even prepare our retaliations. However, few of us prepare ourselves to listen.

We assume that we know how to li...

Emotions are a fundamental part of conflict. We have all experienced conflict that has caused us to feel offended, disappointed or distressed. Having an understanding of the emotional responses that may come up during a dispute can help manage conflict. According to th...

In a prior blog, we discussed the importance of balance between power and respect in business relationships.  How can these principles be used when conflict has thrown the relationship out of balance?  This blog discusses tools for a facilitator or training for an in-h...

How do relationships affect business profit? Big time!  According to Stephen M.R. Covey trust under-girds and affects the quality of every relationship. Trust is in direct proportion to economic success (Covey, 2006).  Conflict is inherent in relationships. We encounte...

When entrepreneurs initially discuss an idea for a business the natural tendency is to focus on the creative synergy and expectation of success.   Then the reality of business formation, legal requirements, permits, licensing, financing and a myriad of other problems c...

Feeling worn-out, business owners may direct their focus on the bottom line and neglect the interpersonal aspects of their business. The irony of the situation is, that when we are worn down and feeling overburdened, this is when we most benefit from focusing our time...

Conferring with a new client can be difficult. Take for example when the new client has just been served with a complaint naming the client as a defendant in a business dispute.  The client sees the complaint as frivolous and describes the plaintiff as just being consu...

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September 5, 2017

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