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Conflict Resolution & Facilitation

CRLS provides facilitation services in the following areas:

  • Public and Private Agencies and Organizations: CRLS has experience with labor disputes, labor negotiations and the development of interest based policies, complaint resolution and conflict resolution programs.

  • Business: CRLS can resolve contract and vendor disputes and claims and customer complaints.

  • Real Estate and Property: CRLS has experience with land use, development and environmental issues, and can assist with neighborhood and real estate contract disagreements.

  • Health Care Services:  Due to new laws and regulations the medical and health care fields are undergoing rapid change. CRLS has can help individuals and organizations in the health care industry deal with problems and areas of uncertainty before they become expensive legal disputes.

  • Civil Complaints and Litigation: CRLS can mediate civil complaints, personal injury, probate or trust matters whether filed or prior to being filed.

Examples of our Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services:

  • Mediation of Charter School Facilities Issues with Public School Districts - Several mediations involved disputes between charter schools and the public-school districts that under Proposition 39 and the Education Code had a duty to provide facilities to the charter schools.

  • Mediation of Insurance Broker Dispute - This dispute was over a contract for services between a school distinct and an insurance broker. The parties included the Superintendent of the school district and the two principals of the brokerage agency. 

  • Mediation of several disputes between contractors, developers and public agencies.

  • Mediations involving labor relations, employment litigation and special education.

  • Resolved partnership and shareholder disputes involving reorganization of corporations and businesses

  • City Police Complaint Process - In the aftermath of police misconduct claims, U.C. Davis, Common Ground was asked to develop a complaint procedure acceptable to the community. Mr. Fine was a facilitator in developing the police complaint process.

  • Telecommunication- Mediation of Cell Tower Installation - A public agency entered into an agreement with a private cell phone company to construct a cell tower on the top of an agency building. Members of the local community objected to a cell tower, citing potential health hazards to youth and residents in the local area. The dispute was eventually resolved with the cell phone company agreeing to install the tower on an alternate facility in a more remote area.

  • Facilitation of County Interoperable Communication Program – This involved working with County departments to meet technical and contractual requirements, state timelines and budgetary goals.

  • Land Use- School District Boundary and Reorganization - Several school districts and developers disagreed over school boundaries in a newly developing district. The facilitation included approximately twenty school district, city and county officials and lasted four weeks.

  • Recreational Snowmobile Trail - This dispute involved several private property owners, recreational users, vendors and public entities to reroute a snowmobile trail over public land.

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